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The current situation with this location is concerning!  Taylor Wimpey was to have had their Pre-determination meeting in November / December 2019 and for it to go the Inverclyde Council Planning Board meeting (where it would have been rejected) and then for the rejection to be confirmed by the full Council at a later date.  But they said that 'we're not ready'!


However, the Planning Rules are changing and after the 1st March 2020 the Planning Board will make the decision and that is it.  Should by some fluke they decide yes - then there is no other avenue open to us the residents to stop it going ahead - but when the Planning Board 'refuse' the application Taylor Wimpey will use their right to appeal the decision and we'll be off to the DPEA once again.

Inverclyde Council adopted the new Local Development Plan (LDP) which runs from 2019 - 2024 and possibly all the way to 2029.


No greenbelt land around Kilmacolm has been released - it all has been retained as a greenbelt.


Developers are all members of 'Homes for Scotland', that tries to look like an official body with Government approval and who seem to have the ear of current Housing Minister Kevin Stewart MSP and are being 'encouraged' to make these types of applications by the poor planning system.



You can follow this application HERE






Also incredibly in the news - Taylor Wimpey houses are 'falling apart' and it looks that they are going to be heavily involved in a expensive massive repair job.  It seems incredible that a member of the Home Builders Federation HBF can build houses where the mortar is of such poor standard that it all needs replaced within a few years of being built. In one single estate in Scotland, it is thought Taylor Wimpey has agreed to replace the mortar in more than 90 separate properties.  They are also using 'gagging orders' to stop people talking about it.

Go HERE for the full story!


The only people to put forward that there is a demand/need for houses in the area comes from Homes for Scotland - who are an Association of House Builders!

Members include Gladman, Mactaggart and Mickel, Taylor Wimpey and Cala to name a few.


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