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Inverclyde Council as announced that the Local Development Plan (LDP) has now been adopted on the 26th August 2019 read about it HERE


Curently section 7 has been quashed by a Court of Session decision and is being rewritten by the Council - it is predicted that it will virtually read the same as before and that NO land will be even considered for release around Kilmacolm in the next 5 - 10 years for volume house builders.

Download the new LDP - HERE


The maps can be downloaded from HERE (large file)


This LDP is to run from 2019 -2014 and beyond.


None of the designated greenbelt lands around Kilmacolm has been changed and so remains as a greenbelt



Why are the words 'and beyond' used - this is because recent changes to the Planning Bill in Parliament are increasing the time for LDPs from 5 years to 10 years.


Unfortunately, this won't prevent 'Developers' just completely ignoring our LDP which has been approved by the Scottish Government and putting in proposals for houses that are not needed - out in the countryside miles from good or sustainable transport connections.